All photography provided by Charlotte Dupont

I have dedicated my life to understanding bio-individual nutrition science, human behavior, and relationships with food and the body. It is my mission to help guide women to finding their Happy Weight.

To love yourself is to be released from the judgement of others.
— Daniele Della Valle, Happy Weight

What I've Achieved

  • Currently working as an Instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association, both NTP & NTC courses.

  • Program author for Innate Formulas.

  • Author of Happy Weight.

  • Podcast host at “The Happy Body”.

  • NTC course curriculum writer and video talent.

  • Happy Weight 12 week course founder and creator.

  • Keynote speaker for NTA Live Nourished Conference.

  • Public Track speaker for the Food as Medicine Symposium at the National University of Natural Medicine.

  • Ketogenic Body Positivity speaker on Jimmy Moore’s 11th annual Low Carb Cruise .

  • Featured on over 20 podcasts including Leanne Vogel, Jimmy Moore, Cassy Joy...