The top 11 Tips of the Right kind of Weightloss


When it comes to weightloss I have been around the block a time or two. I have struggled with my own weight, body image issues, emotional eating and binge tendencies. So I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable and aware of your body every second of the day. The negative loop you have your thoughtson like a bad song you can’t seem to get out of your head. I destinctly remember every single time a person has called me “healthy” or “soft” or my personal favorite was “thunder thighs”. I have worked very hard to perfect positive body image with myself and with others yet sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes I don’t quite accomplish that confident state of physical perfection.


But honestly, it is not just about loving your body, it’s also about health. I have never in my life been an Obese person, I just happened to grow up in the superficial capital of the world, Southern California, so if you were 10lbs overweight, people noticed. Growing up there taught me a few things, shaming others will give you bad karma, and staying fit is not necessarily a bad thing. I have spent most of my life fighting others opinions that at one point I simply forgot that maybe there is no nice way to tell someone that they need to make a change in their life. Maybe those words of judgement no matter how hurtful are the only way we will recognize that something may not be right. The COO of the clinic I used to work for said the only way she knew to make a 72lb change in her life was when a man Moo’d at her in a bar. Is that man going to get what is coming to him karmic-ly, yes, but she now runs 8 locations of one of the most successful nutrition centers in this area. She now is on a path that has inspired and saves countless lives.


By no means am I an advocate for fat shaming or a proponent of unhealthy body image, don’t get me wrong here. But as someone who used to have depression and anxiety because of the crap I ate, I know the benefits of being kind to your body and not only loving the skin you are in, but also taking care of it. Every person on this planet has different beliefs as to where we end up when we die, but don’t you want to take care of your self now?


What I am an advocate for is the amazing experience I have had over the past few years of being a women’s wellness expert and facilitating life changes for women that are immeasurable. When someone tells me that they got their period back after years of having a hormonal imbalance, or being migraine free after almost a decade of daily medications that could kill a small child. The proof is in the pudding. So you can say this article is not just about weightloss, but more about advocating for lifestlye change, and trying to get on a path that will change your life for the better. I don’t want any one woman to EVER be uncomfortable in her own skin so this is not a pitch to say anyone reading this is not perfect the way they are. But if you are here seeking a healthier new you, then these 11 mindful tips are just for you!


1. Cortisol is a tricky bitch- are you decreasing your stress levels?

One common mistake that most weightloss programs never cover is stress levels. Hormone balance is a huge factor when it comes to weightloss, especially when it is a hormone that can directly inhibit you from losing. Cortisol likes to hold onto fat. It’s intrinsically designed as our fight or flight hormone. So if you are in “starvation mode” as I like to call it, then you will just keep your fat no matter what diet you’re on. Cortisol is used when our blood sugar regulation is all messed up so if you have type II diabetes, mad insulin resistance, sleep deprivation/insomnia, or a crazy life, then you my friend will have a hard time letting go of your extra padding.


Tip: Cut your stress way down, sleep more, and breath! Maybe do some yoga :)


2. Hydration-are you drinking enough or too much?

Every day I see a patient of mine I ask them about their hydration levels. I am very unorthodox in the ways I hydrate my patients. I actually don’t ask them to drink an ungodly amount like most weightloss centers do. I believe heavily in the art of keeping essential nutrients and getting rid of harmful toxis. So I typically ask people to drink at least 64oz and include a seperate glass of “natural gatorade”. This natural gatorade is comprised of a mineral rich, iodine free salt, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. This alkalizing drink is a sure-fire way to properly hydrate your body, without sacrificing all of your essential nutrients.


3. Take a bath

I know this sounds weird becuase hygiene isn’t usually included in weightloss. You can giggle for a second if you like, but when you’re done, here’s why… Epsom salts when used weekly in a hot bath will naturally detoxify the body if bathed in longer than 15min. This ancient art of bathing can draw out harmul chemicals that can alter our very endocrine system and disrupt hormone production. We daily are exposed to harmful chemicals, plastics, toxic fumes, harmful bacteria, ect…. So yes this style of epsom salt bathing actually helps you to lose weight by allowing all of the crap to come out of your body.


Tip: Make sure to shower afterwards to rinse the toxins off the skin.


4. A Happy gut is a healthy gut

Fermented vegetables. In all weightloss programs vegetables are at the top of the list, but why not fermented ones? Most people out there are walking around with excessive candida overgrowth and leaky gut becuase of all the processed crap they eat and the several sets of antibiotics their doctor has suggested even for a tiny bug. Lets face it, when you have a proper balance of good bacteria in your intestines, then you have a plethora of positives in your life. Your bowel movements will be regular, so elimination is not a problem. Your serotonin levels will be balanced so that leptin can be produced,(that’s your happy hormone and satiety hormone) and you don’t over eat. If the good bacteria is in control, then the bad won’t be controlling your brain to feed it more sugar.


Tip: Read the label, look for a chemical free food and get the refrigerated kind.


5. Stop killing yourself at the gym

The more you over exercise, the more adrenal damage you do, and eventually your thyroid will be afftected by it. Endocrine health is essential for weightloss. Obviously if your thyroid doesnt operate properly then you will struggle with weightloss, so why not give your stress center a break and let your body heal. Exercise is of course important for overall health, but exercise the way your body wants to. I am a rockclimber, walk to work, ski, and natural movement kind of girl. I like the outdoors. I like to be in control and I like my own pace. Set your own pace. And if you happen to be a hardcore marathon runner, crossfitter, type A gal, then do your due diligence and baby those adrenal glands!


Tip: Adrenals love B vitamins, eat foods rich in B’s


6. Digestion

We did cover fermented foods earlier, but have you checked in with your poop lately? Bowel movements are also a way I typically start a session. If your entire body depends on gut health then we should chickity check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. If you are on a diet plan and your either constipated or have diarrhea, then soemthing isn’t right. Yes this can happen in the beggining of any diet change, but if it goes on the whole time, then…. Its time to give it up. When was the last time you had a food allergy test done? Never, well now is a time to start. When was the last time you read a label and it had less than 5ingredients in it? Most diet foods on the market are DISGUSTING, like they will straight up give you cancer! But most companies know that you are desperate and they just want to make money off of you. Eating clean is the way to go. So if you are not having daily healthy well formed bowel movements, it’s time to change your plan.


7. If your new diet doesn’t involve clean eating, chances are you will gain all your weight back

Crash diets are not sustainable. I had to fire a patient recently becuase she widely misunderstood what it was that I do. I am in the business of healing and changing lives, not crash dieting. I don’t helppeople lose 20 before a vacation so they can just gain it all back on their vacation, but have nice pictures. Catch my drift? It about making lifestyle changes so you never put your weight back on. Who wants to yoyo their whole life?! I know that I don’t, it’s depressing and it makes you feel like crap. Now I’m not saying that a little 5 or 10lb gain isn’t inevitable, it always is. Life is insane and shit happens. Especially when someone dies, all people do is bring food, and mindfulness is hard when you are greiving, so yes, there are exceptions. What I’m saying is, chose a plan that will better your life becuase a quick fix is just that, the weight will come back quickly too.


8. Don’t ever trust a company that wants to sell you a drug, you will pay for it in the end.

Nuff said on that one. If they recalled PhenPhen what do you think HCG is?


9. Minfulness and setting Boundaries

Everyone is too busy these days. Overworked, overstimulated, exhausted, malnourished becuase your stress is depleting all of your nutrients. When was the last time you took a walk and enjoyed it? When was the last time you listened to someone talk and actually cared? Does your boss really need you on holidays, and is giving time up with your familiy actually worth it? One of the biggest reasons why obesity is at an all time high is becuase we have stopped practicing the art of self care. We don’t listen to our bodies anymore. When did we stop taking deep breaths and sighing while looking at something other than a mobile device. Most often my patients biggest setback is the lack of mindfulness and ability to take time for themselves. They don’t make time to prepare so then convenience takes over and deprivation sets in. Boundaries can be set with anything and any one. It has taken me years to perfect my boundaries but I now successfully am in control of my own existence, not my life, because let’s face it I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, but everything else that I can possibly have control over, I do. I manifested what I wanted, set boundaries, and worked my ass of until I reached my goals. I used to commute 45 min each way and now work within walking distance. I used to let my parents tell me exactly what to do, now I just listen, say thank you, and make my own choice. I used to let people tell me what was “healthy”, now I tell them kindly, do your research. I’m really a nice person, but like anything, when you are passionate, nothing gets in your way. Communicate to the world what you want and how and when you want it. Stop letting people tell you what to do. That’s where the biggest mistakes in life are made.


10. Beward of the feeder

Oh boy this is a big one! People looooovvvee to feed eachother, it’s how we love one another. I have so many feeders in my life, its insane. The funny thing is when you start to eat healthy, they want to feed you even more. It’s like a salesman, when they know you might walk out that door, they want to sell you hard. When I first went gluten free, everyone and their mother wanted to give me every gluten free treat you could imagine. Cookies, cakes, chips, breads, noodles, yadda yadda yadda. What they couldn’t conceptualize was that gluten free didn’t mean, “Hey I still want to eat all my food in carbs!” To me it meant fresher foods and cleaner eating, but I digress. You will have them at work, at home, at school, church, even the damn bank has lollipops. When I heard that Planet Fitness gives away free pizza I almost had a heart attack. What is really happening is fear. People get either afriad that you will no longer accept them for their unhealthy ways, or will pass judgement. Sometimes it’s out of jealousy becuase they have not quite emotionally arrived at eating healthier. What ever the reason may be it is purely a projection of their own deep seeded emotional trangressions. Don’t take it personal, say thank you, and chose to throw it away or simply say, “I already ate.” It really is easier than you think. Stop stressing about what they might think becuase then they have won.


11. Source your food properly and eat more FAT

Ah yes, the food part. Well I saved the best for last. In my private practice of course I do coaching and testing to see what each individual needs to acheive optimal wellness. However some foundations I never let go of are these: EAT MORE SATURATED FAT and SOURCE YOUR FOOD PROPERLY, STOP EATING CRAP FROM A PACKAGE. Clean eating and high fats are the best way to acheive your weightloss goals. Most people benefit from eating a Ketogenic diet, and this is one of my favorites to use for weight management. I also love to teach people about eating grass fed meats and pasture raised dairy and eggs. Organic and Non GMO is so much betterr for your immune system and decreasing inflammation. Eat egg yolks, and butter, and bacon , and avocado, and cheese, and cream, everything full FAT! Not only does it give you more energy, but it also makes you feel full longer and causes less deprivation, which leads to less binging.


Well I hope these tips leave you feeling a little more fulfilled and a little less worried about embarking on a new lifestyle change. Stayed tuned for more blog posts!


Feel free to message me if you have any questions!