My Love for Ketosis

Who over here knows what Ketosis is? Any one? …..


Well I for one know and love ketosis big time!! Not only becuase it was an early adaptation for me in my career but it has proven itself time and time again to be my secret weapon of awesomeness! So lets talk about what Ketosis is. Ketosis is a state the body reaches after certain mechainal happenings of the liver are set in motion. In short, ketosis is a process where the liver is starved of glucose through intermittent fasting, therefore, it gets a mini vacation. When the liver gets a vacation, magic happens. The liver eats up whatever it can find for energy and ends up burning that energy and turning it into ketones. Ketones more or less get you high on fabulous natural energy generated by your own body and in turn rapidly decreases inflammation. Ketosis is currently being used in clinical trials for epilepsy, it has been stated that a ketogenic state can actually decrease the amount of episodes, super awesome!


So by know I’m sure you’re wondering why I care so much about this. Well it not only helps most severe inflammatory disorders like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, but it also means you get to eat all of the fat you want! Yes all of the FAT!


A ketogenic state is not only obtained by starving the liver of glucose, it also can be reached by incresing fat and protein intake. No I’m not saying go out there and eat all of the fatty foods you want, you have to be very careful of the fats you choose. The guidelines are important to this style of eating to be a success. Fats should always be sourced properly  (grass fed, pasture raised, organic, non GMO). When foods are sourced properly then the nutritents are more available and you feel the full effects. You also want your omega 3’s to be higher than 6 & 9. Meaning foods high in 3 should be higher on the list, like coconut for example. Coconut foods have one of the highest bio-availabilities, making them more powerful. When 6 & 9 are higher we start to see the inflammation return.


SO does this mean I don’t eat any vegetables or fruits?! No way Jose’! I eat plenty of veggies, like tons, fruits are lower, yes, but like I said before we are trying to cut down on glucose producing foods. Plus, just in case you didn’t know the body is designed to produce its own glucose, we don’t actually need it in excess, unless our internal glycogen producers are all fineky. Like if you have blood sugar problems or regulation issues, then a little fruit is necessary. However, straight up processed sugar is never ever ever needed.


So how much FAT do I actually eat you ask?! A LOT!!! I cook all of my foods in either coconut oil, ghee, tallow, duck fat, lard, or avocado oil. I also mostly add coconut cream or avocado to everything. I don’t tolerate dairy all that well but since I used to be a professional cheese monger some days I will eat the fattiest cheese I can find for no good reason other than it tastes A-mazing! I eat bacon at least once a week, liver almost every day, I put fat in my cofee… You get the point lol!


Does a ketogenic diet work for everyone?! If you have a healthy galbladder then you can set sail on the FAT ship full mast! If you are missing your galbladder, however, you need to support that thing girlfriend! Galbladders are essential for digestion! If your doctor told you otherwise then, he/she is a big ass liar! You need bile to break down fats for proper assimilation. Ox bile is sold by many nutraceutical companies, find one you like and start taking it with each meal. If you have your galbladder and still feel that it’s too much fat, drink apple cider vinegar with meals, or eat beets. Beets have special enzymes to thin out bile, go figure!


Okay so now that I have exhausted all of the possibilities, have I told you that ketosis can also help you lose weight! I’m typically more concerned with overall health, but that is a nice side effect don’t you think?


okay let’s recap here for a second… Ketosis is awesome, it decreases inflammation, you eat tons of fat to acheive it, and you could lose weight in the process. Whoa!


Just incase you think I’m a crazy person or think thaty my recommendations are full of shit, just do the research, check it out. You’ll thank me later