Grass Fed Texas Chili


Chili season is upon us! There is something so warming to the soul when you eat chili. I feel so incredibly satisfied and fulfilled when I get to consume this savory and palatable dish <3


Ingredients: Cook time 1 hour   Serves 10 (or one week leftovers for 2 ) ;)

3lbs Grass Fed local pasture raised Beef

1 Large organic white Onion

1 Organic garlic clove

1 Bunch organic Green onions

4 Tbsp grass fed butter

2 Tsp sea salt

2 32oz Pacific Foods free range organic chicken broth boxes

Caroll Shelby's Original Texas Chili Kit (Gluten Free)



Take a large pot. Empty chicken broth in desired pot. Bring pot to medium heat. Add white onion and lower half of green onion (save scallions for garnish). Add garlic. Add spice (spice/cayenne/salt/masa) to desired heat. Allow rue to set at medium for 20 min. If rue begins to boil lower the heat to allow liquid to thicken. While waiting take a large skillet. Melt butter in skillet on meduim/low heat. Add beef. Slow cook. Add sea salt for taste. Brown beef to medium rare. Once liquid is to desired thickness add browned beef to pot. Allow the meat to absorb the flavor. Once you feel the chili is ready, eat it! Add a raw white cheddar, grass fed sour cream and scallions to garnish. Voila!




*This dish is not for people who are trying to avoid nightshades. If you are dairy free chose a dairy free sour cream or cream cheese. Daiya cheese shred is delicious with this recipe!