Constipation an epidemic, you think you're regular?! The negative effects of irregularity...

Talking about poop is necessary when concerning your health, as gross as it may seem. Going every few days or once a week is a sign of a diseased state. If the body isn't able to evacuate daily that should be your first warning sign that something is a miss. If its the opposite and you're movements are very frequent, like three to four times daily, change your diet immediately!

Bowel movements are one of the body's most important ways to regulate health. Have you heard that "the brain lives in the gut?"  This is absolutely true! When everything is not alright it can affect your entire life. Serotonin is the chemical produced in the gut lining. This chemical is responsible for not only happiness but response to stress, cognitive productivity, even sex drive. If your sexual performance isn't what it used to be, check your gut health!

 Sad truth is, if you are irregular most of your life you will most likely die of a cardiovascular related disease like heart attack, stroke, or complete failure of the systems. Heart attacks are the number one killer of women. Think about it!

So, what's normal? How do you remedy this issue? Good question! You should be having two well formed, easy to pass bowel movements, daily. There should be no clean up needed. One should be first thing in the morning and the second at some point late afternoon. Simple enough right? I know it seems easier said than done but here are a few points of dysfunction to consider and easy remedies:

Hydration: every human on the planet must drink at least half their  weight in ounces daily never exceeding 1 gallon.

Fiber: lunch and dinner should consist of either 8oz raw or 4oz cooked vegetables on top of your protein and starch/fruit. People with inflamed bowel (diarrhea) should never eat raw vegetables.

Proper supplementation: if you have no gallbladder or have trouble digesting healthy fats you should consider bile salts. If you have gas or bloating after meals you should consider HCL. Did you know most Americans have an active yeast infection in their intestine called Candida?  You might want to check for that and eradicate it :)

Food sensitivities: unless you see a naturopath your regular doctor won't be concerned with testing you for food allergies so try an elimination diet. This trick works every time. Once you slowly introduce allergens your body will tell you it's no bueno!

Exercise: stimulating the cardiovascular system helps the entire body to flow freely. Daily 30 min exercises can help everything!

Mineral deficiency: if you are a mother or an athlete it is most likely that you have a bit of a mineral deficiency. Consider trying a liquid mineral complex or a magnesium powder. Magnesium is responsible for helping the muscles relax and contract.

Emotions: stress or anxiety can alter our gut health. Unless we breath, relax, or focus on our happiness our stomach will mock exactly how we are feeling. Be zen!

Diet: most Americans eat horribly. We call it the SAD diet. The standard American diet consists of too many processed foods. Try eating cleaner, it can move mountains ;)

Gut health is to me is a primary concern. When my digestion is good, all is right with the world, there are no problems. Being good to your body starts with what you put in it and that directly affects what is to come from that. If you want to feel good, be happy, and live a long vital life, protect your digestive system and take action into your own hands.

 I hope this sheds some light on a very serious issue! Poop is important because it dictates our very existence!!

Be well!