How FAT will save your life

When people here the word hormones they either think reproductive, or of people over the age of 50. Why is that?  Well the difference between us and our parents is that we are very much into sharing information, even though, we were all raised by parents that believed that all things having to do with the body should be kept private. Unfortunately this form of child rearing resulted in misinformation and people thinking that hormones aren't important, that they only contribute to making babies and such. What if I told you that your hormones are your very existence, that they alone decide wether you live a long happy life or die suddenly from a wicked cancer. 


There is an entire system of specific glands/organs that produce all of your hormones, this is called the Endocrine system. I wont list all of them but you are familiar with most. Some of you reading this maybe have issues with your thyroid gland, but not everyone knows what that really means. For all you know your metabolism has slowed, you're more tired that you used to be, and digestion may have become more of an issue than it used to. This is only one of the examples of how much you can be affected by your hormones. Hypothyroidism is is an epidemic among Americans, hence why the obesity rate is at an all time high. Typically people diagnosed with a thyroid disorder is due to a lack of healthy process in the body, like low fat diets, processed foods, vitamin and mineral dificeincy, ect. Who would have thought that losing weight every spring and eating boxed foods could destroy your thyroid? Well it in fact does.


 It is important to understand that each individual gland or organ in the body has a responsibility. If one of them isn't functioning properly then this is your chance to take your health into your hands, be proactive, be aware of your body and let's learn how to heal it. Too many people are relying on medication to fix problems that are easily remedied by the proper nutrition. So now that you know your hormones are more than just for reproduction we can talk about how to keep them healthy. 


FAT. This is a dirty word in most American households, yet when we travel to Europe everyone is eating it and they live longer, healthier, thinner, lives. Hmmm there must be something to that, right? Well what you may not know is that they are practicing a type of eating that is essential to vitality and health. The type of fats I am talking about are animal fats (tallow, gelatin), dairy, fish, and some vegetable fats like avocado, peas or beans. 


American's are on this "low fat" kick that has lasted way too long. As a result, to quote the film, we are fat, sick, and nearly dead. I talked a little bit about hormones in the beginning, but that is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to essential functions in the body. Lets link all of them together, shall we? Say you have had digestive issues since you were a child and never knew why, then you develop a hormone related disorder like diabetes or thyroidism, then you are in such a state of perril that you wish you could change everything. This process starts at the beginning, what did your parents feed you? How did your body react after every meal? These seemingly tiny factors are the very cause of your hormonal dysfunction. Isn't it mind blowing that your very digestion can be the cause of your hormonal issue and it is because of the types of foods you have been eating your whole life! Are you regretting buying the hundreds of tubs of "I can't believe it's not butter"? Maybe its time you do.


My point of all of this is that everything in your body is sacred and it all has purpose and the only way to take care of these processes is to eat FAT. FAT will save your life. FAT is the only way hormones can communicate or how we can coat the intestinal lining so we can fight things like IBS or chrons. FAT is the very reason we can fight infections or generate energy for the brain to use. FAT makes the absorption of vitamins A, D, and E possible. FAT burns last in the stomach so we aren't starving for our next meal and have sufficient energy to get through the day. FAT make you a healthier person and results in a thinner version of you. That's right, FAT makes you lose weight. FAT makes you lose weight because it supports the very system responsible for your metabolism. 


Now this doesn't mean you can go eat doughnuts covered in Oreos or a box of Twinkies (this has been done before). Eat the good fats versus the Bad fats!


Bad fats:

Anything Processed & Fried

Too many polyunsaturated/monounsaturated fats


Good Fats:

Coconut oil

Grass Fed Butter



Red Palm Oil

Animal Fats


Real Salmon not farmed 

Pasture raised Egg Yolks

Pasture raised Bacon




Eat as many and all the good fats you desire! People don't get fat from good fat, sugar and starches cause weight gain, so enjoy all the fat you want!