The evolution of "YOU"

Diets, weight loss, protocols, therapies... They all involve one thing, YOU. These do not exist unless you exist, unless you are present to do them. Deprivation, change, misery, discomfort, effort, these are the words that contribute to our failure when doing something new. We need so desperately to have something to hold on to so these all encompassing words don't swallow us up whole. I see it everyday, I see it derail, choke, invoke the type of fear and aggression that a practitioner hopes to never see. I hear the same phrase over and over again.. "It's too hard" "I'm too busy" "When do I get to eat REAL food?" "You're a joy killer" "You don't understand how I feel" My **** is more important". As a practitioner all I hear is fear, fear of being different around the people you love, fear of telling your spouse that certain foods are not acceptable in the house, fear of your FEEDER friends and family, fear of making your self and health a priority, and most important the fear of being judged... 

If any of this was easy it wouldn't exist, plain and simple! As much as I want to call bullshit, I provoke my compassionate side and look back to a time where I was eating dinner with my husband who was having Mac n Cheese for dinner and I was crying into my plate audibly and cursing how "Unfair" it was. Nothing about it was unfair, no one was taking anything away from me, it was "I" who decided to make a change, to go grain free and dairy free for my health and well being. This too shall pass my mother always told me and as much as I want to shove those words up someone's ass, they're true. Life moves forward, every day ends. 

So what's more important to you? Living in world where you blame everything else for why you aren't reaching your goals, or taking responsibility and getting your shit together? I'm not your judge, your jury, your executioner... That's up to you. You are the only one who truly notices or cares what you do in this life. If you have someone who likes to remind you of your insecurities then stop fueling their fire. I had a client who always talked about her weight with everyone she was close to so that is how everyone would start a conversation with her. The only way to not bring attention to those issues is to ignore them, don't address them with the general public. Keep it to yourself. If you disconnect socially with the issue, then only you will be the one to focus on your goals. It is the very moment you involve someone else that they have the ability to derail everything you have been working for. For example "Hey mom, do these jeans make me look fat?" "Well dear why yes they do..." Now you're traumatized and subconsciously your mother knows to address your weight consistently, and at the most inappropriate times. Now she will start to notice her own insecurities and take them out on you. See where I'm going with this?

In order to make changes in life and to avoid negative reactions is to avoid negative reactions. Don't give any one human on the planet control over how you feel about yourself. The truth of the matter is that you are an amazingly wonderful human being and no one owns you. You are the only true owner of your feelings and reactions. 

So you want to know the secret to achieving your goals? Believe in the change, believe that it will be worth it, no matter how bad it hurts emotionally. Because Like I said, If it was easy it wouldn't exist, we'd all be perfectly healthy. Love yourself and push through all the road blocks stopping you from being where you want to be and stop making EXCUSES! They are only a crutch to help you talk yourself out of what you originally intended to do. EVOLVE AND LOVE YOURSELF!