I help women truly understand themselves from a perspective of love, non judgement and bio-individual introspection.


Women all over the world find themselves in a place of limiting self belief, they constantly compare themselves to others and feel as they they aren’t enough. As an energetic mentor I help women to find themselves, I guide them to a space where they unlock societal programming and find their true calling.

All photography provided by Charlotte Dupont

We don’t talk about the things we’re proud of in our life, we only focus on the negative.
— Daniele Della Valle, Women of Impact Interview

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I am a serial entrepreneur that feels freedom in all that life offers. Follow everything I am doing to change the wellness industry.


Find your happy weight

Ready to break free & love yourself? You can find the key to unlocking body confidence through bioindividual nutrition and mindfulness.


The vulva magic Podcast

Listen to conversations Daniele has with women in wellness talking about their lives, sexuality, periods, and spirituality.