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After years of teaching classes, workshops, and participating in retreats Daniele found her ultimate place of comfort on stage speaking about topics she is passionate about. This year alone Daniele has been invited to speak at multiple conferences, listed below. 

"Loving Your Body Through the Keto Journey": Low Carb Cruise with Jimmy Moore/Roatan, Honduras

"Finding your Happy Weight": Nutritional Therapy Association Conference/The Hilton Vancouver, WA

"Resetting the limbic system through positive body talk": Food as Medicine Symposium/National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon

Daniele has a captivating spirit that draws people in. Her unwavering positivity is infectious. Her intelligence and compassion make difficult topics easy for anyone to understand or relate to. She is a natural born speaker that lights up any stage. Daniele is an expert in topics related to mindfulness, the limbic relationship with food and cravings, nutrition therapy, functional medicine, alternative healing methods, bioindividuality, body positivity, boundaries, navigating toxic relationships and empowerment. She is able to travel to any location. 

To book Daniele for your next event email Daniele@biowellnutrition.com