When your toothpaste becomes the enemy...


When I was in school to become a nutritional therapy practitioner one of our case studies was a woman who had chronic migraines for almost 20 years. 20 years of countless doctor visits, prescriptions, time lost, money lost. It wasn’t until she had started working with a functional practitioner to pulse & muscle test all the products she was using that she found the answer. Turns out it was her toothpaste. You read that right, her toothpaste was the cause of almost 20 years of pain, stress, and lack of quality of life.

But why though? You ask…. Because all commercially sold toothpastes have harmful chemicals and your mouth is the gateway to your brain and body. The Institute for Natural Healing lists these top 5 toxic chemicals. There are countless more beyond these that hide in your ingredients, so if you still are having issues on your healing journey and you haven’t made the switch to natural products this is a good example for why to make the switch.


Beyond the toxic chemicals in commercial toothpastes, natural toothpastes are starting to cut corners as well. Ingredients to watch for when choosing natural toothpastes:

*Carrageenan- Carcinogenic

*Glycerin- Wears down tooth enamel

*Natural Flavors- Not required to disclose origin

*Non-organic materials - Often full of pesticides

 It’s truly crazy the world we live in today that we have to watch out for toothpaste?! Like what did my teeth ever do to you?

The unfortunate truth about toxic home care and body products is that we come in contact with them every day and that toxic load will build up over time to express itself in so many different ways.


Gut Dysbiosis

Liver Congestion- Heavy Metal/Chemical Toxicity

Endocrine/Hormone Disruption

The List goes on…..

When I was making my ways through my healing journey many moons ago it was apparent that we needed to make a huge change for my health’s sake. Circa 2014 I was well on my journey, but clearly I was still healing from my previous health issues:

Leaky Gut/Gut Dysbiosis

Debilitating Anxiety

Suicidal Ideation


Hair Loss

Adrenal Burnout- Heart Palpitations

Even though I had made a huge step to stop my hormonal BC in 2009 and made the switch to using organic tampons in 2007, I still had a huge hill to climb. My body care and house hold products and food changes were next.

You may notice below that I’m not 100% in the clear, but above everything else I have changed and overcome which we can address in another blog, I recently have given up alcohol and sugar to help my liver clear out any residual toxic load from any products I have put in or on my body since birth….

I don't get obsessive about it either, this is how I like to live my life. I’d rather be fully present in my life and self than feel how I felt 10 years ago when I started this journey.

Here is my personal symptom burden graph to show you my toxic load then- and what my health looks like today.


Crazy right?! What a difference a few years makes…

So with that said- my husband and I started to make our own toothpaste, it was super easy and economical, but like most things I got distracted and started to buy from people who were making some super cool natural toothpastes.

It might seem like something small, but that’s what a healing journey looks like, small- actionable- sustainable steps!!!

It wasn’t until I became a minimalist traveler that I decided tubes were also a problem for our environment and I set out on my journey for travel/eco friendly natural toothpaste that came in glass. When I say minimalist, I mean I travel for 3+ weeks with one 40L backpack that I carry on. So, all of my toiletries need to meet travel requirements for the US.

You could say I was on the look out for a toothpaste that could meet my needs, but at this point I was so picky any old store bought product wasn't going to do it for me, I wanted to support a company that cares.

Fast forward to Two years ago- I went to a fermentation festival here where I live in Portland Oregon. I had the best time ever not only because it was an entire day of fermented everything, but because I met Ariel Welch. It was kismet!! Not only was she the sweetest herbalist/product maker I had ever met, but she was the introduction to my very first palatable organic powder-based toothpaste. I had tried other companies, but they were way too heavy on the herbs and burned my mouth. Ariel’s formula was delicious!!!!! I’m sorry but I like toothpaste that tastes good, I am a die hard foodie that has been in the food/beverage/product industry since I was 15, I LIKE FLAVOR. Ariel’s not only was exactly the XYZ that I needed, but was also DELICIOUS! Win Win!


After traveling to Bali, Hong Kong, Mexico, Honduras, and countless US domestic travels for work/play stuff the Treat Yourself Inc. tooth powder is a toiletry bag staple now <3 Along with the fact that Ariel is one of my most favorite people!!

You can listen to her explain all of this in deeper detail on this podcast interview:

You all know me, I don’t support products unless I myself use them and they are made by people I also believe in. The Treat Yourself mission is to bring no bullshit products to you in the best possible way!! What I love above all else is that they put a majority of their products in glass or upcycle their paraben free packaging so you don’t have to worry about endocrine disruptors. That’s the beauty about buying non-toxic beauty and care products from a practitioner that cares and fights for you in every single product.

I wanted to bring this to you today to not only talk about the importance of switching out home care products one by one, but to also support my amazing friend and everything she is doing to help bring health and healing to the world!

<3 Daniele

Click the link to their Amazon web page, Enter code “HAPPYWEIGHT” at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase!