Is Your Bra Killing You?

Photo by Charlotte Dupont

Photo by Charlotte Dupont

One of my best girlfriends and I were having our regular Friday morning coffee date and somehow started talking about bras. She went into how she recently bought a bra at Victoria Secret and when she went to hand wash it she nearly vomited from the off gassing of the toxic chemicals they use to make it. Sadly this is our reality in America. We are cursed with a society that promotes the subliminal programming of only one way to make or buy a bra- and add that padding and under wires are necessary to achieve optimal “sexiness”.  Ugh…

Our conversation quickly went into our own little conspiracy theory of how the “Bra Monopoly” is linked to the “Cancer Industry.” We may have strayed a bit off topic, but we weren’t completely wrong. The truth here is that 100% of the synthetic bras you purchase in a conventional store are made with harmful and toxic materials that contribute to body toxicity. We also cannot deny the sheer fact that breast cancer is at an all-time high in our nation, and was not so before we started to over use toxic chemicals in our clothing. Without getting too technical you can find countless articles on the internet about where these materials come from, it’s not a secret.

But let’s talk a bit more about how this affects your breasts directly…. We are well aware at this point that everything that sits on the skin is absorbed within 15 min right?! Right! So imagine that you are putting a Polyurethane padded bra covered in petroleum, dyes, and solvents directly on your mammary lymph tissue. What do you imagine is going to happen if you do that over and over and over again for your entire life? Exactly, it is going to directly toxify your breast tissue and contribute to endocrine disruption, increase inflammatory response, and retard the healthy tissue and cells in the breast.

Sadly the bad news here folks is that the underwear industry gives zero fucks about your breast health and are literally charging you thousands of dollars over a lifetime to negatively contribute to your health.

So what can we do about it? Well first, we can stop supporting any company that doesn’t use “non-toxic” or “Organic” materials. We can also stop using under wire and super tight sports bras! No, your boobs don’t depend on that support; there are plenty of other bras that support you just as well and won’t constrict tissue and lymph flow.

Here are some amazing companies that actually care about you and the environment: (not affiliate links)

Okay so now you have your nontoxic bra, but what about detoxing your boobies and making sure they are healthy long term?

Have you heard of moving your mammary lymph tissue with rebounding or braless workouts? What about breast massage oil and clay or castor oil detoxing? No? Well let me explain some of the benefits first and then I’ll get a little deeper…

Rebounding is one of the only ways the lymph tissue in the body can drain properly; it stimulates the tissue and facilitates detoxification in all major lymph areas like breast tissue. If we do not stimulate the tissue it cannot detox leaving the mammary tissue vulnerable to toxin build up; vulnerable to disease and mast cell growth.

You can read all about why rebounding is important and how to do it properly here:

Some of you have seen me do my #bralesswarriorchallenge in the past to encourage women to go braless and workout braless as a means to advocate safe and healthful futures for breasts everywhere.

Working out and doing full cardio or weightlifting braless is far more effective in stimulating the lymph drainage as well as activating the muscle beneath the breast to elevate the mammary tissue to prevent sagging long term. Boobs in a bra get sick and lazy, just like if you were carried in a sling your entire life. Boobs need to be just as active and need to sweat out toxins like the rest of the body.

Remember that the armpit is the gateway to the mammary tissue so anything you put in your armpit is going to greatly contribute to your breast health or lack thereof. You MUST detox your armpits by choosing chemical free deodorants, soaps, and perfumes.

Here is a great link to an armpit detox:

And don’t get me started on “Breast Implant Illness”….. If you have implants and inexplicable inflammatory conditions, it might be your implants….. Sorry :/ Foreign objects are not meant to live inside the body, regardless of rejection, your body still doesn’t know what to do with them and will exacerbate inflammatory response and auto immunity.

Okay I think that’s enough information for you for now about breast health. Just remember to be conscious of everything that goes IN and ON your body. Monsanto didn’t just lose a lawsuit of $289 million dollars for nothing. Toxins are deadly- we all need to be more aware and not hide under the covers, ignorance is not bliss, it’s reckless